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pictures of the band at various events

Medieval Market, Birchwood, Warrington - May 2017

Maranella played throughout the staff lunch hour(s) and we were delighted to see how much the music was appreciated - we even inspired some people to dance!





After playing at the market we went to see the wonderful Talonted Feathers falconry display
Thanks to Rob Davis for introducing us to his wonderful birds of prey and for the photos

Marilyn, Elizabeth T. and Peter and new friends

Elizabeth and Barn Own

Elizabeth with Barn Owl

Marilyn with Little Owl

Marilyn with Little Owl

Peter with Eagle Owl

Peter with magnificent Eagle Owl

Talonted Feathers

Medieval Music in the Dales

September 2016
A fabulous, long weekend of medieval music and merry making, the highlight of our whole year

Friday afternoon in the garden

Friday afternoon after our open stage spot in the gardens

Group photo with Gill

... and with Gill Page


Playing in the Medieval Tavern


... and again


... and again


Elizabeth T., Elizabeth A. and Ged


Lucille and Elizabeth T. off duty

Old Malthouse

Playing in one of the workrooms off the courtyard

Old Malthouse

... and again

Old Malthouse

... and again

View from the Top ...

Reenactment of Visit to Holywell of Henry V
to give thanks for victory at Agincourt

June 2016 - 600 years after Henry Vth's thanksgiving visit to the holy shrine at Holywell

Friday, St. Winefrid's Well

Friday evening at the well

Playing in Town Centre

Playing in Holywell town centre on Saturday

Peter and Marilyn

Peter and Marilyn - town centre, Saturday


... and a relaxed group photo at the end of the day

Medieval Banquet July 2015

St Bartholomew's Church, Wilmslow, Cheshire
Photographs courtesy of Richard McBride

Troubadors at medieval banquet

Playing outside as guests arrive

Troubadors welcoming guests at medieval banquet

Medieval Minstrels welcoming guests at medieval banquet

Medieval Minstrels - medieval banquet

The medieval jester / stilt-walker / juggler / fire-eater! Wow!!!

Medieval Banquet - Jester, Juggler, Fire-Eater

Medieval Banquet - Jester, Juggler, Fire-Eater

Medieval Banquet - Jester, Juggler, Fire-Eater

Medieval Banquet - Jester, Juggler, Fire-Eater

The Banquet

Medieval Minstrels - the banquet

(Above) the view from the rear of the hall ...

Medieval banquet

... and the minstrels' view from behind the high table

Medieval banquet

(Above) one of the beautiful candelabra and (below) view of the hall after the feast!

Medieval banquet

Medieval Jester

(Above) the jester and (below) pictures of the minstrels playing during the feast

Medieval banquet

Medieval Minstrels - the banquet

Medieval Minstrels - the banquet

Medieval Minstrels - the banquet

Medieval Minstrels - the banquet

Medieval Minstrels Troubadors - Lute

(Below) our storyteller Tom Goodale telling the story of Dame Ragnald

Medieval Minstrels - Storytelling

Medieval Minstrels - Storytelling

(Below) guests enjoying the dancing ...

Medieval Minstrels - Dancing

... and the band enjoying playing for them

Medieval Minstrels - Dancing

... and, lastly, the glorious table setting in the candlelit hall

Medieval Banquet - Table Setting

Flint Castle Living History Day - July 2015

Flint Living History Day - Medieval Minstrels

Medieval Living History at Flint Castle

Medieval Troubadors at Flint Castle

(below) dancing in the sunshine - view of the band from behind the dancers

Medieval and Renaissance Dancing with Medieval Minstrels

(Below)Three of Maranella's Minstrels with Tommy, aged 6, who was as good as gold. He played percussion in both parades of the minstrels and also for both sets of dancing, kept strict time and was a real joy to work with. Well done Tom!

Living History - Medieval Minstrels

Wirral Storyfest - June 2015

Wirral Festival 2015 - Storyfest

Storytelling Festival - Medieval Minstrels

(Above) an interesting angle!

Medieval Troubadors / Minstrels at Storytelling Festival

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre - June 2015

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2015 - Medieval Minstrels

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2015 - Medieval Troubadors

Chester Midsummer Watch Parade - June 2015

Chester Midsummer Watch Parade 2015 - Medieval Minstrels

Chester Midsummer Watch Parade 2015 - Troubadors

Chester Midsummer Watch Parade 2015

Chester Midsummer Watch Parade 2015

Leicester University Richard III Open Day - March 2015

We played three one-hour sets in the giant marquee while the public wandered round drooling over the medieval banquet, chatting to the knight in armour about the grisly details of Richard's death, buying medieval pottery and bric-a-brac and generally getting into the whole War of the Roses theme
This video was taken during one of the busiest periods of the day

... and here is a picture from the Leicester Mercury

Leicester University Richard III Open Day - March 2015

Our lovely Elizabeth T stayed on in Leicester after the rest of us came home and this picture shows her in the medieval chapel of De Montfort University where she played to the delight of the visitors. Here she is in full fig as Lady Elizabeth Howard (daughter of the Duke of Norfolk and contemporary of Richard III), not too far a stretch of the imagination since her name really was Elizabeth Howard before she married!

Elizabeth T. in the Medieval Chapel

Chester Fringe - October 2014

Maranella on Bridge Street Row

We were asked to take part in the Chester Fringe 'PopUps' and here we are 'popping up' on Bridge Street Row.

We drew a huge crowd of bemused shoppers and tourists - I don't think any of us has ever been photographed so much before; strange to think we will 'pop-up' in photograph albums all over the world!

Many thanks to Rose Price for inviting us to take part in this very enjoyable event (in spite of the heavy rain during part of the afternoon - we found out how waterproof medieval clothing is!)

2014 Chester Fringe Eastgate Row

A better photograph in better light

On Eastgate Row (opposite St Weburgh Street) where we made our last 'pop-up' appearance.  We also played in the Wesleyan Centre in St John Street, at the Tudor House Cafe in Lower Bridge Street and in the Roman Amphitheatre

Interestingly, one chap came up to me and said 'of course, what we see of Chester around us today is largely medieval so it's particularly good to see a set of medieval musicians playing here.  Perhaps people will see more than just Roman soldiers when they think of Chester'

Photo courtesy of Jeff Price

2014 Chester Fringe Lower Bridge St

A passer-by, Rosalind, took this photo of us outside the Tudor House Cafe on Lower Bridge Street and very kindly sent it to me

She said I enjoyed your music - I am actually a trained opera singer and a music teacher and it's great to see authentic music going on - keep playing."

Medieval Wedding - September 2014

Medieval themed wedding Sept 2014 Bombed out church Liverpool

A glorious late summer afternoon to remember forever - playing for a medieval themed wedding in the 'Bombed Out Church' in Liverpool - what a setting!

Maranella with the Bride

Here we are with the bride, Helen, at her magical medieval themed wedding at the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool

Minstrels' Court, Chester - June 2014

Minstrels' Court 01

Lucille, Ged (Elizabeth A's husband), Elizabeth A, Marilyn, Peter and Tom enjoying watching one of the other bands before our own spot in the afternoon

Minstrels' Court 02

Musicioners with their licenses
(no fear of arrest for playing music during the next 12 months!)
Left to right: Jude Rees (Piva), Tom Goodale (Maranella), Elizabeth Armstrong (Maranella), Eric Moulder (Piva) and Jane Moulder (Piva)

Minstrels' Court 2014 - Minstrels at the Cross with Lute and Tabor

Minstrels' Parade - at the Cross
Marilyn (lute) and Peter (tabor)

Tatton Medieval Fayre - June 2014

photographs courtesy of Christine Widdall

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2014 - Medieval Minstrels Maranella

Maranella's merry minstrels, left to right: Lucille Brain, here playing the gemshorn; Elizabeth Taylor; Tom Goodale; Elizabeth Armstrong; Marilyn Farrington; Peter Farrington

The weather was superb, warm and sunny and we had a fabulous time playing in the sunshine and wandering around the stalls

Tatton Medieval Fayre 2

Elizabeth (playing her Friedrich von Huene soprano recorder) and Marilyn (lute)

Tatton Medieval Fayre 3

Elizabeth T., Lucille and Tom

Tatton Medieval Fayre 4

An ever smiling Lucille playing the timbrel ...

Tatton Medieval Fayre 5

... and the harp ...

Tatton Medieval Fayre 6

... and temple bells ...

Tatton Medieval Fayre 7

... and nakers

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2014 - Miri It Is

Marilyn and Peter

Since Peter is singing and Marilyn playing bass recorder then this must be either Miri It is or Sumer Is Icumen In

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2014 - Tom Goodale

Tom playing his beautiful Magerum harp

Tatton Medieval Fayre 10

... and bones (both real bone and wooden)

Tatton Medieval Fayre 11

Elizabeth Taylor with her fabulous Mollenhauer Kynseker tenor recorder

Tatton Medieval Fayre 12

... and her Mollenhauer Dream soprano recorder

Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 2014

A family thing ...
Elizabeth, Marilyn and Peter
(daughter, mum and dad!)

Medieval Minstrels - Tatton Old Hall Medieval Fayre 14

and one of us all together

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